Project J

My 747-400 Cockpit Project  

I am building Boeing 747-400 type "My Cockpit " for flight simulators (FS2002).
I started this project about 6 years ago. First I made MCP. Next I made thrust box, center pedestal..
Then I re-made the glareshield(MCP) with CSI's panel. And also I made front panel.

In November 2002, my cockpit was carried to a Japanese TV studio for a drama named "GOOD LUCK!!". The hero was a co-pilot of 747-400. And my cockpit was used for the cockpit scenes. Overhead panels, seats, yokes etc. were newly built there.

In March 2003, my cockpit returned home with the newly built overhead panels, seats and....

Please have a look at my "Project J".

"Project J" means Jumbo, my name and my country.

    Junji Hirayama  (Jun)    in Japan

Last Updated: April 24,  2003

    What's New:     I took photos of my new cockpit recently.

Japanese version

Photo Gallery of my new cockpit

glareshield and front panel

thrust levers

center pedestal with CDU

Project Magenta

overhead panel     (not started yet)
outside view         (not started yet)
motion cockpit      (my dream)


Real Cockpits

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