Thrust levers       Project J

Now I have finished building center pedestal for thrust levers.  Of course 747-400 has 4 thrust levers with reverse thrust levers, so I did so.


1) discrete 4 thrust levers with reverse thrust levers.
2) spoiler (speed brake) lever
3) flap lever
4) fuel switches and some other switches
5) parking brake lever and indicator
6) "TO/GA" and "AT disconnect" push switches on thrust levers
7)Thrust levers and Spoiler lever are motorized.
    Thrust levers moves automatically during AT mode.
    When the spoiler lever is at ARM position,  it moves backward automatically after touch down.

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mechanism of auto throttle 


Movie of auto throttle(AVI 478kb)

inside photo of the throttle box.

20th May 2000
I re-made flap lever and installed "auto throttle".

20th May 2000
Throttle levers move automatically during AT mode.  When I push TO/GA or FLCH button for higher altitude, my throttle levers move forward automatically.  When I push FLCH button for lower altitude, my levers move bckward.  After my plane levels off to the desired altitude, AT mode changes to SPD mode, and the levers move to the middle position automatically, and continue to fine moving according to the thrust level.

20th May 2000
Spoiler lever moves to backward after touch down.

20th May 2000

I made flap mechanism more realistic

20th May 2000

When I move the flap lever, first I pull up the lever and mover forward or backward.

 20th May 2000
There are two "stopper" at the position of FLAP 1 and FLAP 20 to prevent ecess movement.

    The quadrant is designed for 747-400.  It contains 4 thrust levers, spoiler flap lever, fuel pump switches, parking brake lever and a few switches.

    The surface is covered with acryl plate(1-2mm thick).  the white grips are made of wood.  main frame is made of wood and alminium angles.
  Now this "thrust box" is connected to EPIC's first expansion card with flat cables.  Of course this box will be a part of center pedestal.

    When I turn on the No. 3 and No.4 Fuel switches (of course the engine start knobs on over-head panel must be set to START position beforehand), I can hear "engine start sounds" from rightward.  When I turn on No.1 and No.2 fuel switches, I can hear engine start sound from leftward.

  No.2 and No.3 thrust levers have TO/GA switches, and No.1 and No.4 thrust levers have AT disengage switches.
  The position of TO/GA switch is different from the real one.  That was my mistake ;-)

    Each thrust lever has reverse thrust lever.  If the spoiler lever is at ARM position, the lever automatically moves backward to EXTENT position right after "touchdown", then moves forward to DETENT position after N1 proceeds over 45% again..

    Four thrust levers can be set individually.


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Have a good flight
Junji Hirayama