Center Pedestal Project J


Now I am building center pedestal. I planned to make 747-400 type replica.  I am planning to finish this pedestal by the 2nd quarter of 2000.

1) replica of 747-400 type center pedestal.
2) Three COM radios are in it.
3) Each radio panel has 6 buttons to switch display for COMs, VOR1, VOR2 and ADF.
    There are three COM channels which can be selected by push buttons.
4) Each channel has stand-by frequency. VOR1 CRS can be set when CRS button is ON.
5) XPDR setting panel is also included.
6) Five inches junk CRT is installed in CDU. I can really send commands to CDU using the keypad beneath the CRT..
7) I'm planning to add audio panel, though it will be used for short cut keys for ProFlight98.
8) Passengses sign panel, trim switches and autobrake panel will be added.

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I added audio panels. I'll add one more audio panel in a few days.

  The switches on the audio panels are illuminated.

   I'm going to use switches on the audio panels for some short cut keys for ProFlight98..

I can hear Morse code for VORs and ADF by turning the rotary switch on the audio panels.

  I added lettering on the keytop of CDU.


   The size is almost same as real one.

   Three COM radios and XPDR panels are installed.  Center CDU includes 5 inches CRT.  Three COM radios can be set inidividually.

  Each COM radio panel can display three COM channel, VOR1,VOR2 and ADF frequencies.  Each channel has each stand-by frequency.
VOR and ADF frequencies can be set by CDU, and in fact, there are no panels for VOR setting in real 747-400.  But I can use this when I fly in classic type cockpit.

   Transponder panel.  Upper 2 digits and lower 2 digits is set individually.  Rotary switch for TCAS setting is already on it.

  This CRT is a junk.  Enrico Schiratti's PFD (and CDU)  program is installed.  I can send commands via the keypad.
Both side keys of the CRT are not installed yet.

  This is INIT/REF page.  VOR station can also be set by code, and of course, LNAV route can be set from this key pad.

  Function keys are illuminated.




Have a good flight
Junji Hirayama