Glareshield and front panel          Project J

I re-made glareshield totally.

 I loved my first product of glareshield but the size was about 80% of the real one.  It was relatively difficult to attach the glareshield to another components.  So I decided to re-make the glareshield with CSI's panel for more realistic cockpit.

 I also made center panel with wooden base, and replacing the paper panels with acrylic panels step by step.


Installed projector for front view.  The resolution is 1024x780.



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My old glareshield

Preliminary center Panel

 (Jyly 10th 2001) Added both side wings of glareshield.



Three PCs are running for Projet Magenta's glass cockpit.

The over head panels are dummy panels made of paper.  Today I used TFT dislay for front view, but it is also possible to use LCD projector for front view.

Almost whole components are included in this photo.  Center panel is still under construction.  Also I'm going to mke both wing sides of glareshield recently.

Some lights are installed in the glareshield, and "night flight" became more realistic.

Now the stand-by meters are "fake" paper panel.  I'm going to make analog meters  with stepping motor this year.

I made this glareshield with CSI's panels.  The panels are back-lit.

There are lights at the bottom of the glareshield to light up center panel.  There also another lights are installed at the top of the MCP.

"push" switches are installed in baro, HDG and ALT knob.

"surplus" LED arrays are installed at the top of the glareshield.


1) it is designed for 747-400 glareshield.
2) all knobs and buttons are fully programmable.
3) push switch for autopilot has LED in it.
4) Each SPD, HDG, ALT knob has push switch as real one .
5) all 7 segments LEDs and LEDs on push switches can be synchronized with FS2000.
6) Almost all switches are linked to Project Magenta's MCP.
7) The panels can be back-lit.



Have a good flight
Junji Hirayama