Photo Gallery

Please look at my newly taken photos of my 747-400 cockpit.

Whole cockpit during cruise.

Runway end of Kansai International airport Rwy06. Now the overhead panels are also back-lit.

Newly built seats increased the reality very much.

Each switches of the 2 CDUs are backlit with LEDs. Unfortunately the color of this LEDs was green while the real panels are backlit by tungsten lamps. But these lighting increases the reality.

A view from co-pilot's seat.

Night cruising view from captain's seat. The CDU display is still under construction.

A co-pilot's view. This yoke was newly made for the TV drama "GOOD LUCK!!". This yoke and the switches on it are not functioning yet. The gear lever panel is my original made. I made this with a cutting plotter. This panel also be backlit.

Brake pressure gauge, standby meters and trim indicator are still "dummy". But the can be backlit, and increase the atmosphere.

A close-up view of center pedestal.

Centerpedestal and co-pilot's seat. The hero of the TV drama was a co-pilot.

A shot of captain's seat with crowded computers.

Over head panels are made of Flightdeck Solutins. All switches are dummy yet.

I like 3D appearance. I want to install engine start knob first.

This yoke was newly made for the TV drama (made by Intercraft). This yoke was not made of metal (made of some resin), but it looks very realistic. The switches are still dummy for now.