Great Cockpits

    John Dunkley's motion based flight simulator

    Hans Kiener's Virtual Takeoff

    James' Virtual Flightdeck

     747 Simulator

     Project 757 Cockpit

    Project B-737 simulator

    Airbus A-340 Virtual Flightdeck Project

    FFY-III : Force Feedback Yoke System

Other links

     R&R Electronics (EPIC)

     Cockpit Simulations (Panels)

     Precision Flight Controls Inc. (Jetliner yoke)

    Hagstrom Electronics (keyboard encoders)
  FlightDeck Solutions (Panels)
  InterCraft (Japanese cockpit vender)
  BasicX (Micro computer)
  Flight Link (EPIC USB)


My EPIC programs

    If you would want to look at my EPL programs, please mail me.
Of course these programs are beta version forever, and should contain several errors.

    FS98.EPL  (latest version for FS98)
    747.EPL    (for PS1,   this file is not so new)